How Joymark Owner Dale Moore Started in Carpentry

Dale Moore, Owner of JoyMark Corp.

Dale Moore, Owner of JoyMark Corp.

A Letter from Dale Moore, Owner of Joymark Corp.

After flunking out of high school, I had no direction of where my future was going. At the time, a carpenter named Scott Krecker was framing an addition on my childhood home. Scott asked me if I could help him take some measurements.

In the following days I found myself asking if I could help him, and realized for the first time, I was being taught something I fully understood. With Scott's willingness to allow me to grow at my own pace, we started building successively bigger and more complex homes in Lake Forest, IL.

In just a few years, I was running his growing business as a carpentry foreman. I worked for Scott for almost nine years. I am forever grateful to Scott for the opportunity.


Video of Scott's experience with me as a carpenter.  Thanks, Scott!

Dale Moore