Scott Krecker Testimonial

Sarah F., Lake Forest IL


We were incredibly fortunate to have had Dale as a member of the team who worked on our project. Our home was designed by David Adler in the early 1900's and we remodeled the original residence and more than doubled the size with an addition.

We were very focused on making certain that the remodel and the addition were perfectly married with the original, and that required great attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. Dale was instrumental in making sure we achieved our goals, working primarily with the antique wood throughout the residence.

His impressive craftsmanship and artistry ensured that the antique paneling from the original house was perfectly retrofitted into the new space, which meant that in some places he had to create "old panelling" out of new wood to match the original. He created a new transom above a door imported from an embassy in Cuba, and finished it to look as if it came with the antique door.

The care and precision with which he approaches his craft is truly inspiring and our finished home would not be nearly as lovely had he not been a part of the team. But perhaps as important as the quality of Dale's work is his easy manner and pleasant personality. As anyone knows who has been part of a long construction project, the experience is in large part determined by the personalities involved. Having Dale on the team ensured that the work was beautiful, and the experience was wonderful!

Michael Aimers (Building Construction Teacher, High School Dist.#211, Palatine / Schaumburg, IL 1998 -2010)

      During the last 22 years of my career, I have been building homes in the Palatine area with Junior and Senior high school students.  Through another carpenter contractor, I was referred to Dale Moore as a skilled carpenter who could help us with construction projects – especially complicated framing such as extreme roof framing.

 Over the years I have probably worked with more than 50 carpenters.  I can say without question, Dale stands heads above all of them for the following reasons:  Dale has the unique ability to visualize and problem solve framing complications – methods and courses of action one could NEVER learn in a carpentry school or find in a manual or text book. 

He constantly thinks outside the box in terms of methods and techniques which improves quality, efficiency and production – allowing him to complete projects a double the speed of even the most experience contractor.  He is also the most prepared and organized carpenter I have witnessed.  He leads by example and orchestrates his men (and my students) like a well-oiled machine.  Absolutely, no one on his job is without a task at any given time.

Maybe even more importantly and somewhat rare now-a-days, Dale is a man of his word.  He is on the job when he says he will be, he never cuts corners, and he demands perfection of himself and his crew.

Obviously I would highly recommend Dale Moore for ANY project a potential client might have.

Scott N., former team member

I’ve had the privilege to work with so many talented professionals throughout the years.  One of those true professionals was you.   I always appreciated how you were not afraid to share what you knew, more importantly you were good at teaching that knowledge.  I’ve always been extremely grateful when a true tradesmen such as yourself share their knowledge.  After all they are giving a gift they acquired through their own blood, sweat and tears and I took that very seriously.  Your knowledge proves you are much more than a skilled carpenter. I learned so much and more importantly the pride and satisfaction I took when a job was done correctly was an important lesson.  This was a tremendous opportunity for a 22 year old kid trying to make a living in the trades.  The stuff you taught me is part of a sturdy foundation I built upon in the years to come.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity and showing me how a true tradesman operates.  

Eleanore and Ray

We were fortunate enough to have Dale as our carpenter to build our new home in Wisconsin near Lake Geneva.  He was not only brilliant as a carpenter but also as a talented artist.  He was always a forward thinker – giving us great ideas to not only make it perfect for our family but also cutting costs on the back end.  We felt so blessed to have Dale on our project.  He made our project  so much easier with his amazing ideas! I would highly recommend him for any project.  He exudes talent in all aspects of building !!!


I have worked with Dale Moore for over 25 years on countless building projects. It is always a pleasure to work with Dale on these projects, because Dale has the skills and insight to create, and invent one of a kind solutions or products to turn a generic outcome into a beautiful piece of art. I have seen Dale design and build a 25 foot tall wall and custom build a one of a kind flip up window for one home.  I have met many of Dale’s customers and I always hear the same remark, thank goodness we found Dale for our project. Dale Moore is a five star general contractor.   

Sheryl J, Wauconda, IL

"Dale provided exceptional carpentry work and home repair services.  On top of his skilled work, Dale was courteous and great at communicating.  Dale always discussed project next-steps, timelines, and expectations.  I was never disappointed, and I fully trusted Dale to have access to my home while I was at work.  I am extremely satisfied with the detailed work Dale completed on the interior and exterior of my home.  I will be pleased to work with him on future projects and home renovations."