custom staircases


Custom staircases take a lot of time, and are considered a major part of an interior trim treatment for a home. JOYMARK's years of experience working in new construction, remodeling, restoration and replication in estate homes means you will have a trusted partner in creating custom staircases- whether the staircases be winding, curved, platform, straight or beyond!

Staircases can be a major design element in the house - showy, elegant or subtle.  We can design, build and install your staircase from a wide variety of materials and finishes.  Call us at 847-668-3806 to discuss your staircase project.



      During the last 22 years of my career, I have been building homes in the Palatine area with Junior and Senior high school students.  Through another carpenter contractor, I was referred to Dale Moore as a skilled carpenter who could help us with construction projects – especially complicated framing such as extreme roof framing.

 Over the years I have probably worked with more than 50 carpenters.  I can say without question, Dale stands heads above all of them for the following reasons:  Dale has the unique ability to visualize and problem solve framing complications – methods and courses of action one could NEVER learn in a carpentry school or find in a manual or text book. 

He constantly thinks outside the box in terms of methods and techniques which improves quality, efficiency and production – allowing him to complete projects a double the speed of even the most experience contractor.  He is also the most prepared and organized carpenter I have witnessed.  He leads by example and orchestrates his men (and my students) like a well-oiled machine.  Absolutely, no one on his job is without a task at any given time.

Maybe even more importantly and somewhat rare now-a-days, Dale is a man of his word.  He is on the job when he says he will be, he never cuts corners, and he demands perfection of himself and his crew.

Obviously I would highly recommend Dale Moore for ANY project a potential client might have.  Read more testimonials here....