Wine Cellars & Wine Rooms

Properly storing and aging wine can be simple and elegant in your custom wine cellar.  While basements are an option for storage, most run 3-7 degrees warmer than the ideal temperature. Besides the proper temperature, wine needs both consistent temperature and consistent humidity.  Beyond the basics, we'll listen to your needs, number of bottles, accessibility, display desires, lighting and drinking space.  With that knowledge, we'll present layout and design options.

Let us custom build a perfect wine cellar or wine room for your space -beautiful, functional and climate controlled. Call JOYMARK at 847-668-3806.


"Dale provided exceptional carpentry work and home repair services.  On top of his skilled work, Dale was courteous and great at communicating.  Dale always discussed project next-steps, timelines, and expectations.  I was never disappointed, and I fully trusted Dale to have access to my home while I was at work.  I am extremely satisfied with the detailed work Dale completed on the interior and exterior of my home.  I will be pleased to work with him on future projects and home renovations." For more testimonials, click here....